Thursday, December 4, 2008

A lot of options!!

I wasn't too much into games before, now I start to wanted to try some, most of all because I saw some images about them... I still have a list about the ones I need to find some information...

Spring project
Unreal Tournament 2004, 2003 & original
Doom 3
Medal of Honor
SAVAGE: The Battle for Newerth
Planet Shift
Blobwars: Metal Blob Solid [2d platform game]
The Battle for Wesnoth
Scorched 3D
Chromium B.S.U.
Racer, The real deal
Flight Gear

Also Nestor remind me that I need to check if they are joystick supportive controllers, so far I just could find that information about SuperTux, is not easy to find that kind of detail... keep trying.

I like a lot the game that Milton proposed, I'm a little concerned about something that I read about that one, I think is necessary to have a look deeply in the fact that the game include song files and some internal fonts that are proprietary, and their redistribution is not permitted, hope this doesn't represent any problem because I like that one....

By the way, please guys take a look to Arcade Wiki Page I put some screenshots if I get the chance I will put some more I just don't want saturate the page, better keep eliminating whatever is not ok for the arcade....

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