Sunday, December 7, 2008

More games...

Hi guys, I want to tell that by accident I discover a larger list of games while we were doing our labs...

In SYA710 we had this lab "Creating your own Live CD", so when I installed the livecd-tools, I took a look in each file and there were one kickstart file with this name: livecd-fedora-games, so that took my attention I opened and... there is a larger list of games in there! I'm trying to make it work, in that way we can play with that CD (a lot more easier) and determine (based in play with each game) which ones we can include.

I have been trying and I got some errors, hopefully I can make it works.

If somebody wants to take a look to the file, here is a link for a quick view:

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dejan said...

and how many of these games are actually FUN?