Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Arcade Project Update

Naked Keyboard

Happy New Year!

During this holiday, Stephen, Mohak, Patty and myself went to school to do the arcade project. Mohak was doing the game search. Patty was taking care the labeling for some cables and Stephen was doing research on key mapping and he also started some soldering for the key mapping also. At that time, I set up a network for the arcade machine, so Greg can ssh there and install the arcade launcher. I had great trouble of installing the launcher since there are a lot of dependency to install for Perl.

It was a great fun day, we faced a lot of small problems and finally fixed. We spent a lot of time on researching. We found that when we actually start doing the arcade is totally different to what we expected.

Stephen and I went to college for the arcade project during the holiday, but it seems that the access card was disabled since it was holiday. So, Stephen did the rest of soldering in study area which is located in second floor.

Too bad that it looks like we are not going to finish this arcade project before Semester 2 starts. But for sure we'll arrange sometime to complete this arcade in the future. Currently the project is 60% completed. Here is the work load I would assume...

- launcher installation - 4 hours, Greg
- controller wiring - 6 hours, Stephen Liang, Nestor
- games and launcher integration and testing - 3 hours, Greg
- launcher, game, controller test - 5hours, Nestor, Greg, Stephen
- hardware installation - 5 hours

Although it seems hard, but I am still hopping we can finish it before semester start...

Installed Game List:
1. Torcs
2. quake3 demo - need to pair the keys well
3. Frets On Fire - no yum install, make failed, try rpm, may need to pair 2nd joystick also
4. NeverBall -
5. Blobwars
6. Pinball
7. LBreakOut2(lbrickbuster2)
8. Raid'em(raidem) - turn "eye candy" option to min
9. Dodgin' Diamond II (dd2)
10. Kobo Deluxe - nice
11. Njam - pc-man
12. Barbie Seahorse Adventures(seahorse-adventures) - an classic looking adventure game
13. Shippy - a nice old school classic shooting
14. Tecnoballz
15. XGalaga(xgalaxy) - a nice old school classic shooting

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