Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who said we can just wire the TV?? @@

Yeah.. it didn't work.. I was right... the frequency is different between computer monitor and the arcade TV, first, is the frequency, second, the resolutions... so.. after spending hours of wiring @@ , now, i'm back to the old issue again. I think I prefer to use an monitor... all I need to do is figure how to mount it... We finally took the arcade apart... I'm more like a do-it person when there are not risk to take things apart. And oh.. yeah.. 5 mins works saved our few hours research, nice!

And so far, we've got 6 games for sure. I hope I can find more in the future.

Pinball: excellent
NeverBall: simple control, nice
Blobwars: mouse key works perfectly!
Raid'em(raidem) - perfect game!! 2 players, easy keymap, turn "eye candy" option to min
SuperTux(supertux) nice LUX game
frozen-bubble nice cute game, 2 players
Game List for our wiki page

Key mapping plan is done and test with games. All we have to do is wire the controllers and test it. That's what I'm gonna do after this blog.

After all, I've gotta say thank you to Stephen Liang. He's been putting a lot of affort on this project, working so hard quietly.

BTW.. why dose NEC use LG/Philips screen?? That's weired..

Regular CRT Monitor

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